Why a Penguin

When we were thinking of something to represent our brand and will serve as representation for mental health, most people will choose a butterfly because of its meaning. TRP decided to go for a different route.

Penguins are not just Joshua's favourite animal, but they are such a remarkable creature. While most birds take to the sky, penguins are the only bird that explore the depths of the sea. They are completely different than all other birds and not just because they are one of the few flightless birds, but the are the only bird that lives underwater. Instead of letting this thing that separates them from the other birds bring them down,they became something new and stronger. These remarkable creatures were able to find their self worth and evolve.

The penguin is our representation of accepting ourselves both the positive and the negative. This amazing animal serves as a reminder that the things that makes us different, including the negative is the reason why we are all remarkable.

#iamremarkable #breaktheice